Welcome to Atelier Skin Care Professionals! If you want to experience something unique and special for your skin you have found the right place!

My name is Sara Tafrishi and I have been providing clinical skin care for over 21 years. I have a passion for helping people take their skin to the best possible level at an affordable price.

In 2008 I realized my dream of opening my own private skin care studio. Atelier Skin Care Professionals, LLC is conveniently located in Dr. Phillips and is convenient to Windermere, Lake Buena Vista, Sand Lake, Winter Garden and the Southwest Orlando area.

I take the time to look at your skin and design a facial and skin treatment just for you. Your experience will be in a relaxing day spa environment that is dedicated solely to skin care.  Please contact me for a consultation or to schedule a facial or other treatment.

Sara Tafrishi

Professional Resume and Skin Care Experience

Sara Tafrishi was born in Iran and has an international background in skincare and health education.  Here are some highlights from her training and 21 years of professional experience!

Japan: 1990 to 1995

She learned Eastern/Asian, health based techniques on skincare that require a holistic, mind and body approach to treating skin conditions.

Europe: 1996 to 1998

Began work focusing on skincare field where she also learned to appreciate European technology on body fitness and skin. She also became a licensed Electrologist in permanent hair removal.

USA: 2000 to present (licensed skincare/skin therapy specialist)

She worked in skin care while also learning to use skillful western technology and products, specifically Dermalogica skincare products and techniques. She never stopped traveling within the states in order to keep up to date on her education.

The International Dermal Institute: 2001 to 2005

She successfully completed many professional courses, especially focusing on internal medicine and body and fitness. She learned to incorporate many forms of treating the body and the skin with a holistic focus:

  • Chinese Acupressure (face and body)
  • Chinese Diagnosis (face and body)
  • Pigmentation Disorders (face and body)
  • Effectively treating acne (face and body)
  • OHASHI Touch (face)
  • OHASHI Advanced (face and body)
  • Manual Lymph Drainage: Full Body (MLD-C)
  • European Skincare Techniques (face)
  • Reflexology (face and body)
  • Detoxification (body tissues)
  • Hormones, Menopause and the Skin (face and body)
  • Solar Defense (face and body)
  • Advanced Technology Systems (face and body)


She became certified to perform Synergie AMSTM where precise methods and technology are used to treat cellulite.

To focus further on fitness, she took classes that focused on health nutrition and dieting, vitamin supplements, exercising and detoxifying the body tissues.

In 2007, while she was practicing body fitness using Synergie, she met so many clients that were suffering from uneven surgical procedures. In order for her to help her clients, she updated her license to become a Synergie Post Surgical Procedure Specialist. Further, she studied about body sculpture technique.

Today, Sara has helped many clients who were unhappy about their past surgical experience. Not only that, Sara can help you design a skin care program to fit your lifestyle, time, finances and your goals helping you choose the best way to look perfect and healthy. You are going to appreciate Sara’s honesty and support, but most important – you will love how your skin looks and feels!